After producing the self acclaimed album “Hidden Jewels” 2007, the hit singles “Cut 4 tonight” featuring So Supa Saucy 2009 and “Drop the Top” 2011, Rontae Watkins of Louisville, KY has definitely discovered the hidden talents of his well deserved triumphed ego “Zin Zay”. The no nonsense vigorous rapper values his immaculate work ethics and admires others who shares his same concepts and he  believes  whole heartedly that one must start by being real to one self and states “if one cannot be real with one self than one cannot be real with anyone else.”

When the rapper began his voyage in the music world, he quickly discovered that he has the ability to tap into that alter ego which directs him and his writing skills with vengeance, and makes him attack drum tracks as if they were the enemy of the state. Zin Zay has showcased his savvy lyrical skills with rap artist Louis Keys and BSIMM and has been welcomed with open arms in various venues throughout the Midwest. This talented rapper is a favorite among Streatway Entertainment and Top South.

Throughout his career, the rapper mimics his track history after those who have portrayed greatness in becoming mogul’s and admires those like  Russell Simmons, Jay Z and P Diddy for the pathway they have carved out allowing poverty stricken African Americans to be served a piece of that American Pie of wealth. Zin Zay is constantly challenging himself, and continues to exude star quality music that is fit for royalty and attest that he is striving to create a movement in his city and claims he will not rest until the lost city is finally found.


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